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TIGER TIME (sometimes wolves)

It's often said that domestic cats are solitary creatures not overly attached to their humans. In fact, they usually form very close bonds with us.

When you're away, your tiger will be unsettled by the change is his or her circumstances. For many cats, a boarding experience is deeply stressful and a tiger's anxiety is best managed by arranging home care visits where routine, comfort and security are maintained in familiar surroundings.

At Tiger and Wolf, we aim to replicate your cat's daily schedule as closely as possible. Most importantly, keeping to regular feeding times, we'll ensure that your cat is eating well, has fresh water and a clean litter tray. We'll lavish your tiger with fuss and if there's time to play, we love games as much as they do!

To give you even greater peace of mind, we can also keep an eye on things at home. We'll make sure your home is tiger-tidy, bring in your post, water your plants and take out the trash. No problem.

*We will happily discuss requirements for home visits to older wolves or those recovering from illness and/or surgery.

Private Wolf Walks

Not all dogs enjoy pack walks. Older dogs, timid dogs, those recovering from injury or with behavioural issues are often happiest walking on a one-to-one basis.

At Tiger and Wolf, we provide only private walks allowing your dog to set the pace and lead the way. During the walk, your wolf's physical, mental and emotional needs are met by exercise, play, sniffing, more sniffing, quiet contemplation (if desired) and of course, cuddles. We'll encourage and reward your wolf for good behaviour with praise and delicious, grain-free treats.

When you book a private walk with Tiger and Wolf, that's exactly what you get. No time lost in traffic. No stressful encounters with other dogs in the confined space of a vehicle. Just a good old-fashioned dog walk from your door to the park and home again. Before we depart, we'll refill the water bowl and leave your happily-exhausted wolf ready for a long nap...

Pet Photography

As part of the service, you'll receive regular updates and smartphone photos of your pets. If you'd like to arrange professional photos of your furriest family member, why not take advantage of your time with us and book a mini-photo session?

For an appreciation of our work, all photography on this site has been produced by Tiger and Wolf.

Please enquire for details.